MS and PhD


The objective of our marketing graduate programs is to train intellectually curious individuals in the craft of marketing scholarship. We seek to produce graduates who have the ability and motivation to conduct important, meaningful and impactful research and take positions in leading universities in Turkey and abroad. The program off ers students a broad background in social sciences and in-depth specialization in a particular area of marketing, such as consumer culture theory, consumer decision making, marketing strategy or social marketing.

Our Marketing Ph.D. program integrates a solid analytical training with a scholarly theoretical emphasis. The program is based on four pillars: strong analytics, strong theory, sound research skills, and international experience. International experience entails activities such as a semester or a year abroad and international seminars or conferences at Bilkent and elsewhere and helps future academics get acquainted with the global nature of scholarship and research.

Marketing MS program is also research-focused and aims to equip students with an in-depth knowledge of marketing theory and research for their future careers. Upon completion of the program individuals can continue their education in a marketing Ph.D. program or seek marketing-related positions in companies.

Faculty: Zeynep Aydın, Barış Depecik, Ahmet Ekici, Güliz Ger, Destan Kandemir.

PhD dissertations and places of first employment
KARABABA, Eminegül. Origins of a Consumer Culture in an Early Modern Context: Ottoman Bursa.
Supervisor: Dr. Güliz Ger. June 2006. Lecturer at University of Exeter.

YENİCİOĞLU, Mehmet Baskın. Consumers and Their Brands: Acting Out Personal Mythologies in a 'Global' Brand Community.
Supervisor: Dr. Güliz Ger. September 2006. Academic Fellow at University of Reading.

TARI, Berna. Exploring Local and Global Ideals of Beauty in Turkey: Discourses and Practices of Plastic Surgery Patients and Physicians.
Supervisor: Dr. Özlem Sandıkçı. Co-Supervisor: Dr. Ahmet Ekici. July 2008. Assistant Professor at TOBB University.

ÖMERAKİ, Şahver. Branded Gated Communities: Marketing and Consumer Perspectives. Supervisor: Dr. Özlem Sandıkçı. August 2010. Assistant Professor at Doğuş University.

TÜRE,Meltem. Negotiating the Norms of Consumption: An Exploration of Ordinary Practices of Disposing. Supervisor :Prof.Dr.Güliz Ger.July 2013. Assistant Professor at Skema Business School, France.

KURUOĞLU,Alev Pınar. The Emergence and Evolution of a Politicized Market: An Emotional and Normative Economy of Kurdish Music Circulation in Turkey.Supervisor: Prof.Dr.Güliz Ger. 2015.

MS Thesis
TOKMAN, Aslı. Negotiating Tradition, Modernity and Identity in Consumer Space: A Study of a Shopping Mall and Revived Coffeehouse.
Supervisor: Dr. Fabian Faurholt Csaba. September 2001.

COŞKUNER, Gökçen. "New" Clothing: Meaning and Practices.
Supervisor: Dr. Özlem Sandıkçı. September 2002.

ERTİMUR, Burçak. Gold and Gold Jewelry: Exploration of Consumer Practices.
Supervisor: Dr. Özlem Sandıkçı. September 2003.

İLKUÇAN, Altan. Gentrification, Community and Consumption: Constructing, Conquering and Contesting "The Republic of Cihangir".
Supervisor: Dr. Özlem Sandıkçı. February 2004.

AKKOÇ, Ali Utku. Consumption of Counterfeit Designer Brands: Reasons, Practices and Consequences.
Supervisor: Dr. Ahmet Ekici. September 2005.

KEMMING, Jan Dirk. Nation Brand Image in Political Contexts- The Case of Turkey's EU Accession.
Supervisor: Dr. Özlem Sandıkçı. June 2006.

YILDIRIM, Gülberk. Does Social Exclusion Motivate Consumption to Satisfy the Need to Belong?
Supervisor: Dr. Destan Kandemir. May 2009.KARATAŞ, Mustafa. Where Religion, Community and Consumption Meet: a Qualitative Inquiry into the Consumption Practices of a Religious Community. Supervisor: Dr. Özlem Sandıkçı. July 2011. Ph.D. Student at INSEAD.

YÜCEL, Gül. Poor but not in Despair: An Investigation of Low-Income Consumers Coping with Poverty. Supervisor: Dr. Ahmet Ekici. September 2012.

AKDEVELİOĞLU, Duygu. Who are the Influentials? The Relationship between Opinion Leadership and New Product Adoption. Supervisor: Asst. Prof. Destan Kandemir. January 2013. Ph.D. Student at University of California, Irvine.